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January 20, 2013
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My 6th grade school boy crush messages me on Facebook.
           My blood rushes to my heart
                       Like it's afraid of being late for an appointment.
Something in my mind whispers to me
                       Just Maybe
She likes you back, Dylan.

But I'm skeptical,
           As most Asians are raised to be.
But the 'hey' spelled with 3 y's tell me differently.
I remember months before reading a stupidass 'hey' chart saying that the more y's a girl adds to the 'hey',
           The more she likes you.
           The more she wants to fuck you.
           …Or that's she's simply drunk.

                                   But if I've learned anything from my five years of high school,
                       It's to not trust anything you see on the internet.
           But fuck thinking about it.
Fuck over-analyzing one message, without even replying,
           I want to know what mathematical algorithm was set up in my brain to think this way.

I want to know why I can't reply to someone in person without getting dizzy.
                       But most of all,
                                   I want to know why I haven't replied yet.
           Why I just wasted over 5 minutes contemplating about the meaning of a single word sent by a singleton.

So I shake my head violently
           And I get typing.
I, without thinking, type in H-I.
But I felt that screamed out
                       So I press the backspace
                                   Faster than football player makes his play.
                                   I settle for a simple hey; a neutral stance.
                       Let see what she wanted from me.
           Images come into my mind like a T.V. screen,
Want to be my fiancée?
Want to – She wanted to know about out chemistry lab.
           She was confused and needed help on how to do the calculations.
           Of course I'll help. But don't expect me to be the Isaac Newton of this conversation.

I just want to bond like two atoms do,
           And I was hoping that this conversation could fuel enough energy to break our current bonds and get together.

But I was left disappointed. I guess chemical equations don't always yield the results we want them to.
           I guess that's why they're called experiments.
But maybe,
           Just maybe we could…
Wrote this a while ago...finally got around to posting it...


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Why do you have to be so good at poems!!! you make me jealous XD :D
xxdraxx Feb 4, 2013  Student Artist
to make good art of any kind, i think someone just needs to be honest really. think good thoughts and goid art will come. then practice that 'till hell freezes over.
XD I got quite I few but I don't wanna put them on deviantart
xxdraxx Mar 13, 2013  Student Artist
I put everything on dA. despite whether or not I think it's any good (assuming I even finish something that's not that great) :P There's always at least one person who'll enjoy it, plus art is meant to shared, I call of it art until it's out there.
Who knew you were so wise. make me wish that we had talked to each other more at school
xxdraxx Aug 18, 2013  Student Artist
I don't really share it with people but there's some stuff that have happened to me that made me just made me think about life a lot and then BAM! here I am~
makes sense :) but it would be wiser to share your :P Worldly Wisdom :P
xxdraxx Aug 23, 2013  Student Artist
It's not like I don't, really. :p I'm naturally just a chilled out person
authorofthings Feb 3, 2013
hope things go well :)
xxdraxx Feb 3, 2013  Student Artist
all in the past, it's all good ^^
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